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New Dev File: Push and Pull

Robj (a secret ballast scorcher) and Bluedy (a secret pixel surgeon) have released Push and Pull. This is a new developmental D-Mod that demonstrates a new technique to push (and pull!) objects.

As you likely know, pushing, as implemented in vanilla Dink Smallwood, is... not very good. It is only used once to move an object in the original game (and 3 other times to simply have Dink say the object could not be pushed). It is the absolute weakest way to interact with Dink's world.

This file is magical. Pushing and pulling are so smooth it feels as natural as smacking a pillbug around. I haven't looked at the source code, and I'd like to think I'm pretty experienced when it comes to the DinkC arts, but I have no idea how Robj managed to make this happen. Look at this magic: