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Dink Smallwood HD v1.8.9

Dink Smallwood HD After going through almost two months of beta-testing and bug-fixing, Seth has officially released an update to Dink Smallwood HD (v1.8.9).

Previous versions of Dink Smallwood HD had some big problems. The original game worked alright, but many D-Mods were simply unplayable. This new version fixes a ton of the old Dink Smallwood HD issues, and it now works with just about every D-Mod.

Additionally, here are a few of the nice new features:
  • Dink Smallwood HD is Free for all platforms (including iOS and Android).
  • Better resolution support in Windows (I personally recommend running at 1280x960, double the original resolution).
  • Improved shadows support; the shadows can be upgraded to transparent shadows. This change occurs in the engine, and also applies to any graphics in existing D-Mods.
  • Integrated cheats menu.
  • In-game D-Mod browser / installer.
It's really, really great!