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November 9th 2018, 10:12 AM
Peasant Male United States bloop
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 
I'm not sure how far along you are in learning all there is to know of dmod creation, but the following downloads can help you get started.

Note that if you do not have access to a Windoze based computer, but are running Linux, any of these tools listed below that require Windoze run respectably on Wine .

#1 A very helpful tool for building dmods is WinDinkedit Plus 2. Download and install it first.

#2 Robj produced a series of tutorials that should quickly get you up to speed using the above dmod editor. Check out these youtube videos here ---> D-Mod Creation Tutorials .

#3 This link (Rudiments of Scripting (The)) will get you started with DinkC scripting.

#4 This link (DinkC Reference) is to a text file that serves as a good basic reference to DinkC, with some excellent commentary.

#5 This link (DinkC Reference (Windows Help File)) is to a later version of the DinkC documentation, with some valuable updates. This version of DinkC documentation (as the name clearly suggests) is in Windows help file format.

Finally, there are plenty of people here who should be willing to help you with any tough questions that come up after you review some of the above.