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Reply to DinkHD v1.8.9 - Android Performance Very Bad With Large Sprites

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October 30th 2017, 07:09 PM
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I've been playing DinkHD on Android for a little bit, and for the most part it works out better than I would have expected. I really dislike touch controls, but it isn't too big of a deal.

However, if a D-Mod uses large sprites, the game slows down significantly. The on-screen GPS counter says it is rendering around 11-30 FPS, but it's really around 2-5 FPS.

I've seen this in two separate D-Mods:

Bloop's Purpoise, when getting the purple pearl.

THE LAST QUEST PART 1, when entering the cave with the lantern.

If I turn off 'Improved Shadows', The Last Quest Part 1 runs at full speed, but Bloop still runs pretty slow. The large graphic in Bloop is a 24-bit bitmap, while The Last Quest probably uses a 256-color bitmap for the large lantern graphic.