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Recent Release Rumble Q2 2012 Results

July 24th 2012, 03:44 PM
After a tense and exciting contest, with votes pouring in until the very last second, here are the results of the second Recent Release Rumble of this year!

This time, we got 5 whole votes!

D-Mods were not voted for though as only one was released, so congrats to Bill Szczytko for winning with Quest for Dorinthia: Special Edition!

Here's the voting results:

Non D-Mod files:
2nd place: (2 votes, 40% of the votes)
Key Codes for Dink Excel spreadsheet by Talon65442

1st place: (3 votes, 60% of the votes)
Prelude MP3 by Joshriot and Scratcher

And as always, the winners get a mention in the files and are entered into the Download of the Year.
July 25th 2012, 04:52 AM
Peasant Male Netherlands xbox steam
The Voice in the back of your head! 
gratz on the winners and IK next rumble will have more thanks to the contest and well hope to win than offcourse but only time will tell