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Scary Beast (The)

Dink learns about the scary beast. From the COTPATD project.
December 29th, 2006
Score : 0.0 horrible
Bard Netherlands xbox
Lazy bum 
If you thought ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ was bad, you didn't play The Scary Beast yet.
This D-Mod is the new bottom. To be short: You are Dink and run around in a couple of exactly the same looking screens looking for a Bonca. Then, Dink kills the Bonca, and you win the game.

This is actually a worse D-Mod than ABCDEetc. because this D-Mod requires a least minimal effort, which, 2 minutes later, appears to be completely wasted. To make things worse: it's painfully obvious that the premise of the D-Mod is to humour. The author wánted it to suck. The author wánted to make the new ABCDE. Well buddy, in even that, you failed miserably, because ABCDE was at least one of a kind. Thís is just a hopeloss attempt to get the -almost cult status- of worst D-Mod ever ABCDE achieved.

Don't download this D-Mod.