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The Last Quest Part 1: The Oraculum

Near a warpstone TheGoalOfTheQuest Cave fairy destruction
Released:October 23rd, 2017
File Size:9.93 MB
Release Notes:1.3a patches released 2017.10.23:
- Added "if (&cave_fairy == -3)" logic to mrtridg2.c in case cave fairy was not slain.
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Released:August 8th, 2017
File Size:9.93 MB
Release Notes:- Restored the assignment of the &shopkeeper variable in splyshbl.c and made some dialogue corrections surrounding the cave fairy victory and candles.
- Changed if "(&cave_fairy = -3)" to "if (&cave_fairy == -3)" in splyshbl.c and wpnshpbl.c.
- Expanded use() in item-brg.c to force the slaying of the cave fairy.
- Added &cfisloose logic in gardblti.c.
- Repaired the warp exit from screen 578 (the weapon shop basement) to screen 610 (the weapon shop main floor).
- Made strength potion bottle bigger in in upper left of screen 736, to be more easily seen and changed script for it to rpotion2.c .
- Expanded dialogue in sgnmfire.c to extol virtues of the shrine.
- Adjusted chest positions in screen 550 to reduce chance of getting stuck in hardness area.
- Improved chapter 4 of the book on vanquishing the fairy in mayrlibr.c to better explain a few things.
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Released:October 20th, 2016
File Size:9.96 MB
Release Notes:1.2 patches:
- Adjusted lantern.c to be more tolerant of varying conditions.
- Fixed extra large gold heart in the southwest corner of the Frozen Wastes (using gheart3.c).
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Released:October 2nd, 2016
File Size:9.92 MB
Release Notes:1.1a patches:
(attempted to guess what might be the reason that andso01.c crashed under
- globally replaced all say_xy("text", 0, x) with say_xy("text", 1, x) [replaced zero with one]
- replaced sp_kill(&txtsprite,1) with sp_kill(&txtsprite,0) in andso01.c so that the followup sp_nodraw(&txtsprite,1); might work more safely
- replaced sp_kill(&txtsprite,1) with sp_kill(&txtsprite,0) in darkexit.c so that the newly added sp_nodraw(&txtsprite,1); might work more safely
- commented out sp_kill(&gld_glint_sprite, 1); in s1-roc.c
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Released:September 19th, 2016
File Size:9.92 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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