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End of Snoresville (The)

I think the desired course of action here is pretty obvious. From the COTPATD project.
April 26th, 2013
Score : 3.7 tolerable
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With his recent(ish) release of Dink and the Four Towers, I wanted to see some of Merder's other work. I believe Four Towers is much better than this game, despite its awful bugs. (So you should play that instead of this.) If nothing less, I'm looking forward to see how Merder improves.

Plot: If I had not read the description, I'd have no idea what the plot was supposed to be. Basically, Dink is bored. So he goes to a boring town to kill all the boring people there, even the boring houses too.

Map: It's a pretty awful map. The screens don't have any borders to them, and are completely empty once the people/houses die. The underground lake screen was the best one.

Sounds&Midis: There weren't any midis. There was however a wonderful array of screams.

Gameplay: I wanted to quit before it was over. It was too boring. There's only one occasion where you fight something that fights back.

There isn't much to this dmod. I guess when you make something about a boring town with boring people, you end up with a something boring.