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End of Snoresville (The)

I think the desired course of action here is pretty obvious. From the COTPATD project.
Ok this is my entry for the Carnage contest.

In it DInk is so bored he decides to destroy the town he was the nearest to.
Released:April 11th, 2011
File Size:560.04 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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June 5th, 2011
Score : 6.7 fair
Peasant She/Her New Zealand
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End of Snoresville
Snoresville, the town that was marked to be Dinkolished!

A carnage contest entry 2011 - from merder

The opening graphics made no promises that the dmod didnt deliver. It was short and snappy and showed basically what the dmod was all about. This is rare in a dmod as a lot seem to want to put a fancy picture up that has little or no relevance to the actual game. So points for that.

The idea was great but the dmod didnt feel finished and the map was very bland to stroll around, having only houses and people throughout, with not a lot to actually do in the game. It would be nice to see borders/fences or something to prevent you from trying to walk off the screens.I would have liked to see more sprites on the map because these in themselves make it a challenge to get around to hit people. Perhaps a place for townsfolk to hide or an area that was hard to get to would have increased my enjoyment of this dmod, but alas there was none and it was merely mindless smacking of screaming people and their homes.

I did like how you can kill the houses but as a contest entry for carnage, they didn't bleed enough (minimal splutters whereas I had wished for some arterial gushes!) and the hard boxes make it difficult to get in the right position to 'kill' them - one house even allowing you to walk through it due to forgetting to set the hardness. I think the hard boxes could have been larger as well. And again I felt this dmod idea could have had more impact with blood spurting mightily from the dying houses as they gasped their last.

I would also have liked to see the people try to hit back or run off because just having them stand there while you smited them was not much of a challenge. The screams added to the atmosphere but without the sprite retaliating it was just kind of funny althouth I liked that you added different screams to different sprites. The old person one was my favourite!

The lake filling with blood as people died was a really nice touch and one I really liked. Good planning there merder. The scripting was successful as I didnt come across any errors that detracted from the playability. Clear story line but lacks a challenge and I feel with a little more scenery and some hidden challenges this would have rated higher in the contest.

Good job never the less