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Sprite Replacer

October 31st, 2003
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male Sweden
Sprite Replacer:
This is a very useful program! Everyone creating a DMOD will probable
need it some time in the development process.

For intance, if you had press the M key and then placed some non-moveing
sprites, like trees, and then placed some monsters and forgot to switch back to no screen match mode, you may end up having monsters so far beyond the screen border, that you can't reach them in the dinkedit, and
therefore can't delete or edit them any longer. With this program, you can search for those sprites and delete them (so this program can also delete sprite, not only replace them, despite it's name). Other problems due to dinkedits pure evil behaviour, like palceing a potion with a repeat brain, placing some other sprites and they also get this repeat brain, when they shouldn't or placing a warp and then placing other sprites and they also turns into warps when they shouldn't, can easily be handled with this program. Just search for those sprites on the screen this bug appears and change them into 0 brains and no warp respectively. Of course, you can also do this in dinkedit, but it will take much longer time. And some times you don't want to edit and move around all sprites on a screen
just to change some of them since it might destroy the original sprite placement, and you have to redo a whole screen which takes a lot of time and may also add new bugs in the process. And worse, if sprites are placed to far out of the screen border, you can't change them in dinkedit, since you can't reach them, and you have to use SpriteReplacer to solve this problem.

And some notes about the program itself:
It's easy to understand how to use it. You don't really need to read the
instruction manual, in order to use it. It's window-based user inferface
is self-explanatory enough. The program have some nice features; you
can search for sprites only on a bunch of selected screens and not the entire map. You can get all information about some sprites, so you know which you will change. And you really don't need to know everything about a sprite you want to change. For instance, you want to change the sound for all warp sprites with the sprite appearence of a stone stairway down into the earth. You simple search for sprites with warp ability and the corresponding seq and frame number (and leaves all other attribute slots empty). Then write the correct sound number (and leave all other, new attribute slots empty) and press replace and it's done.

A great program. It solves some problems, which are impossible to solve in dinkedit (and are caused by dinkedit)
(I use the old dinkedit, perhaps this problem doesn't occur in the new one, I don't know), it speed up your DMOD development, and the user interface is easy to understand.
July 2nd, 2002
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Wow! Paul's Sprite Replacer is an amazing and powerful tool. Using an intuitive, 2 pane, multi-field interface, the d-mod author now has the abilty to adjust every attribute for any sprite in the game. Not only that, but it allows the user to adjust the attributes for several of the same sprites at the same time.

Big deal? Yes, huge! Probably every d-mod author has at one time or another (multiple times, in my experience) accidently put down a new sprite without zero-ing out its attributes. You don't notice right away, and then suddenly, five screens later, you realize you've just created an entire village with warp properties or an entire forest of trees that think they're pillbugs.

Well, thanks to Paul(thanks Paul!), it is now possible to change the script, hardness, warp properties, brain, type, vision, size, que, sound, hitpoints, sequence, frame, base_walk, etc, of any sprite in the game without having to hunt from screen to screen trying to locate all the sprites you wish to adjust. You can even change the x/y coordinates.

You can change all, some, or only one of these attributes. Another advantage is that you can use the tool to simply search for sprites that match certain specifications, without necessarily changing those specifications.

Finally, the Sprite Replacer even supports Ranges and Multiple Values. So you can find all sprites that are within a certain range, for example, "Find sprites with brain 3, that have the script 'monkey[1-3]'", would return all brain 3 sprites with the script "monkey1", "monkey2", and "monkey"3". Further, you can do multiple ranges like, "1,3,5-7,19,45".

I remember calling Paul's IniClean tool a "tremendous timesaver", well that goes quadruple for his Sprite Replacer.

Excellent Job!

August 24th, 2003
Score : 9.7 exceptional
Peasant Male Australia
Really very useful tool for a number of reasons.

First is to fix careless DMOD author errors such as wrong hardness, wrong script attached to sprites - this is very easy to do if you are happily generating sprites with the stamp tool.

Second - locating sprites with certain scripts attached when you are trying to debug a faulty DMOD (maybe as a beta tester, or if you are playing a DMOD and just have encountered a game freezing bug the author didn't catch).

Lots of good features such as accessing dink.ini lines, map graphic import to show where sprites occur.

The only thing that may be going against it is the fact that I got a corrupt map while using this program (and also WDE and DE - so not sure what the faulty program was, or maybe it's the combination of more than one)

9.7 out of 10