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September 25th, 2005
Score : 9.0 exceptional
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PlayThis is a frontend associated with dmod.diz files. It has all the important functions DinkFrontEnd has, and you can easily edit the .diz files with PlayThis too. You can also open dmods with WinDinkEdit, a function DinkFrontEnd doesn't have.

For me this program was extremely easy to install, although, someone not familiar with editing file types might find it difficult to modify the file assocciations. Modifying the file assocciations isn't necessary but it makes using the program a little faster, and faster is what PlayThis was made to do in the first place.

It isn't a useful frontend for those who just play Dink, but it's very useful when editing dmods, since using PlayThis to play and edit dmods directly from the dmod's folder is faster than through DinkFrontEnd.