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Kill Murdoock! 2 Demo

A world map, but with nowhere to go. From the COTPATD project.
April 24th, 2013
Score : 3.0 tolerable
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The game starts out with DInk buying a house. Then before Dink can enter his newly bought house, Murdock's son pops out of nowhere, magically creates fences around dink, and burns the house down. This is done really well. Then he goes, "Haha, this isn't over yet, DInk. Haha!" and poofs away along with the fences. So you walk to the next screen where a mailman gives you a letter because games are always super convenient like that. The letter was something about your father being found dead in a cave and the funeral is being held tomorrow.

The game has something really neat happen though. For world roaming, you become tiny and you see the whole explorable area on one screen. Anything that you can enter will say so through a touch command. Then if you talk to it you'll enter. While exploring the map you'll randomly get encounters with enemies. Though in the demo it's only boncas.

I'd be excited if Neo was actually going to finish this game because it seems like it could be really fun and unique. Oh well. I'd say, don't bother with this.
August 14th, 2007
Score : 6.5 fair
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"I'd like to be a tree..." 
Kill Murdoock! 2 is a perfect Demo. It has some seriously excellent scripting. This can't really be rated, because it's so small game.

Story: Murdoock's son, Murdoock Junior has arrived to revenge Dink, because Dink killed his father. He blows Dink's house up for good. After sometime, Dink gets a letter, that his father has been found dead. End of the Demo.

Mapping: Excellent! The map has been rated to areas. There's an island, where small looking Dink walks, and you can choose, which area to go.

Good: When you're in the "little Dink mode", you can be ambushed by different monsters. The scripting totally is the one of the greatest, that Demos, or even D-Mods've got.

Bad: ???

Overal: Kill Murdoock! 2, is an excellent Demo. Only thing I give it only 6.5. points, is because it's so small Demo. I just hope you would,ve made the full version allready. Or a little longer Demo.

Fit for: Everyone, who wants humorous, good scripted and very short Demo adventure. You can learn some script lessons from this Demo aswell.