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Peasant Male Poland
He Who Would Steal The Flame Must Die 
Well, I'm a teenager from Poland. Exact age is not that important (IMHO). Let's assume that I will be an adult in a few months . As far as I remember, I've been interested in programming and good books. I have submitted only one D-Mod so far (Kill Murdoock!!), which has, to be honest, just a little neat cr*p to test some routines - I mean to get a little familiar with DinkC.
But Kill Murdoock!! is now about 3 years old, I think it is time to make something new. As KM!! has been reviewed as "Fair" (and I think that's an awesome score for FIRST D-Mod Ever), and as I have grown older... I think I will make new one. I hope it will be better than previous one...

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2006-11-11 08:45:46
Peasant Male Poland
He Who Would Steal The Flame Must Die 

I have been recently (um, for 2 weeks) working with my new D-Mod, Kill Murdoock! 2, and today I decided to release (very small though) a demo for this game.

The game will contain as follows:
- a map, where player should walk and go to places
- an encounter system (integrated with a map)
- some innovations
- some innovations not included in Demo You'll see when full version comes out

Things to develop:
- the system of "monsters becoming stronger as you advance in level" needs to be completely worked out, as it sucks now
- whole story needs to be implemented
- dozens of bugfixes (Demo should be free of them, though)
- implement innovations

A screenshot from a demo:

I have a question - with a Demo, do I need to upload it to Dinknetwork as a normal D-Mod or do I have to find a hosting service myself and put it here?

Thanks for your attention,

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Kill Murdoock! 2 DemoD-Mod, DemoTolerable 4.7November 11th, 2006
Kill Murdoock!!!D-Mod, RompFair 6.2March 22nd, 2004

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I Think it is a Very Good Program Windowed Mode / 32-bit ModeNormalExceptional 9.5March 28th, 2004