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Goblin Castle

November 19th, 2016
Score : 0.0 horrible
Peasant Male United States
If I had bothered to read all the past reviews I would have seen that the author informs us (in a review and not in the D-Mod description) that he made this piece of scrap when he was 11 years old and that it has no content or game-play to it. He also states that this is the worst D-Mod ever made. That is because it is a not a complete D-Mod. There is nothing to do or anyplace to go.

I give it a 0.0 because it is no more than an incomplete and barely started D-Mod project. It should be moved out of the romp section and placed into the never to be finished catagory.
May 2nd, 2013
Score : 0.4 horrible
Peasant Brazil
Jesus SavesŪ 
that's unplayable. why that is in "romp"? should be in "unfinished"!
well, but if you wanting a game to edit maps, I mean, if you want a base-file to launch a D-MOD, that can be (or, at least, is empty).

Play that? no way. that is unplayable.

I give 0.4 because the storyline, it worth 0.15.
December 27th, 2009
Score : 0.0 horrible
Peasant Male
I Bring Tidings of Spam 
Made by a Ghost Dinker, this is just what you'd expect.


the king sends Dink to defend against hordes of Goblins. Nice, concept, but never worked.



Bland an mediocre. The same old graphics from Dink. The problem with this? No harness, nothing but trees, and lots of empty maps.



What gameplay!? There is absolutely NOTHING to do.


So yeah, this is even worse than ABCDEF...etc. Overall, this game is fail. This game is the reason why I wish there was a way to rate negative, but unfortunatly i cant.

May 10th, 2008
Score : 0.0 horrible
Peasant Male Bulgaria
Because of the title i thought that there will be a lot of fights with goblins.So,the
mod is even worse than the Scary Beast.I think so,because:
1.No action.
2.No goblins and castle.
3.If you get out of the house you can't get back.
4.You can pass through some trees.
5.And there are few screens.(only 6)

In short-this is the worst D-mod I've ever seen.
May 9th, 2008
Score : 0.0 horrible
Peasant Male Bulgaria steam
I don't break rules.I bend them. 
The title was Goblin Castle so i thought i will be fighting some goblins in some castle.I was wrong.This is even worse than Scary Beast and i'll tell you why:

1:There is no goblin castle and no goblins

2:No action

3 nce you get out of the house you can't get back

4:I can walk on some trees

5:There are only 6 screens

6:It sucks

Worst d-mod ever!I give it: 0.0
November 26th, 2007
Score : 0.0 horrible
Okay, to start with this rocked, like a rock! It was plain, hardly worth the title of D-Mod, for good lords sake, this is worse than ISLAND OF HELL!!

Story:Beg to differ!

Scripting:No errors, there were very few scripts!

Mapping:Well, this guy has a lot of potential, POTENTIAL, then again there is no need to map 6 SCREENS WELL!


Well, the Title screen suggested that this may be a good mod, but recent studies have shown otherwise.

So don't download this, medical fees are expensive!
May 25th, 2007
Score : 0.0 horrible
I can barely write for this. I will make it short.
Story:0.0:Horrible: Grade R standard. In other words nothing.

Same thing for all the things.

Conclusion: You can just walk around. I have no idea why it is called Goblin Castle. No goblin, no castle.

Overall: The worst Dink module, no program on the internet made!

Fit for: Nobody!!
March 24th, 2007
Score : 0.0 horrible
Peasant Male India
Its time, I come up with the real story behind this Dmod. This was actually my first Dmod which I had built up within a couple of days after I had taken interest in Dmod making at the age of 11. All other guys or girls maybe confused about me claiming to be the real author even though in the website the authors name is given as Akamb. Split the word and you get 'Ak' and 'amb'. In real life, my name is Ambikesh and 'amb' is just an abbreviation of the my name.

So a brief summary of the file now as my DMod is quite brief as well.To be precise it has no content whatsoever. It is just two days work and at time was a dream Dmod for an 11 year old child who had no programming experience at that time. It is totally trash and I am still perplexed why redink1 or any of the other staff members haven't eliminated this Dmod's name from the download list. It is really extraordinary that such rubbish has still not been thrown away. There are a few screens, a house with a lady who says nothing but one sentence. There is no castle despite the DMod's name being Goblin castle with no Goblins to be found anywhere. There is title screen though that doesen't count for much. Only if you are 200% nuts or are bored out of life, only then you should try this Dmod. Goblin castle is one of the worst dmods ever made in the history of Dink.

So that sums it up. So after criticizing myself for doing such a stupid thing, unsurprisingly I give Goblin castle a score of 0.
February 17th, 2005
Score : 0.0 horrible
Sorry, for your grade but I did not like the dmod at all.
There was nothing to do. Just a few screens. Only the title Goblins Castle. I did not see any goblin (maybe you made them to small) or any castle (maybe there were invisible). There was no plot.
No scripts to tell more about the game.
No magic or any kind of weapon.
No various new graphics.
So in the end it is not a good dmod to download and to play.
February 12th, 2005
Score : 0.1 horrible
Peasant Male
Dismal 6 screens... bad mapping, default hardness and depth ques make everything look crappy. No enemies, Dink says "What did he say?" As he walks down from his room, but no one said, or says anything in this D-Mod... Not exagerating at all, anyone in the community could have made this in 5 minutes of spare time... takes about 30 seconds to play through the lack thereof of content.
February 11th, 2005
Score : 0.1 horrible
Peasant Male Finland
Well lets see... This D-mod has got only few screens and there is nothing to do. Of course you can just walk around but it is pretty boring since there is no enemies, or you can talk to sing that says: The Smallwood residence.
This D-mods name is Goblin Castle. Why? I didn't see any goblins or castles.
Overal: If you are REALLY bored, then try this D-mod. But I have warned you!