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Dink Smallwood

Maybe his cousin or long lost brother
August 15th, 2003
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Ah yes, the Dink Smallwood original game! I remember the first time i played. I had gotten the pc cd: Hottest Releases 13 (or 14 i dont remember). And on it there was an interesting looking title known as "Dink Smallwood". I decided i must play, and i beat the shareware version around 11 times i believe. Of course this was all after Dink had become freeware (I got the CD in 1999-2000 i believe). So im online and i look up Dink on the web...and then....OMG! Dink has become freeware! I could not stop playing the game! From then on I had the strange tradition of downloading/beating Dink everytime I was sick, (as I am now) =)
Then the hours i spent trying to get dmods to work when i couldnt quite figure out what installing to the same directory as the original game was lol.
Ok on to the reviews

Graphics: Really good for such a smooth running game on my very bad pc lol. All the monster animations as well as characters had a very smooth look to them, which is quite nice. All natural things such as trees/grass/thatched roofs looked very textured and such....

Sound: The songs are very nostaligic inspiring, adding to the fantastic feeling of the game. The sound effects are very crisp and clear.

Plot: I thought the game had an interesting plot, with all the different interactions with characters (hitting on your aunt, the goblin guy that wanted to be a person, the innuendo, the humour). It is very Zelda-esque in the plot going to do tasks for people, your not so average hero. It had all the elements necessary to motivate you to beat the game. And the humour of the game is unmatched in almost any other game, the goblin guy that sounded retarded, killing ducks, the duck saying 'bite me', the Dead Dragon Carcass Cult, the sexual innuendo, the hitting on his aunt!, all great.

Its not a matter of really which aspects of the game are the best, because each different person enjoys a game for their certain aspect. The fact of the matter is that it is a game that is so versatile and rounded out that it can be enjoyed by many people, and the dmod addition just makes it the most replayable game out there, as evidenced by the fanbase after being out for quite some time now,(4-5 years now), time and time again i come back to this game because its just that good. Thanks to everyone in the Dink Community for continuing their support for Dink, and good luck to everyone on their Dmods, and huge thanks to the dev. team of Dink, not only for making such a great game but then being awesome enought to actually release their game as freeware. And a big thanks to everyone who made dmods, dink files, even the ones that suck =P, Je suis tres contente avec a des jeux video a Dink Smallwood! this game would be a 10. if that option were on the list!