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Dink Blackwood

April 20th, 2005
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant Male
DinkKiller is wrong about the name. "Blackwood" indicates that he is a black baker who has a lot of sex.

The original graphics and tiles are used very well. The houses have beds, bookshelves and other things they should have, and the landscape has the same quality.

Most of the game is well scripted, but Dink crossing the river does not look authentic. There are some hardness errors, but I found only one in the tiles, near the cave entrance. It is probably the only bug that can force the player to start over.

There is no serious story, but the gameplay is mostly the same anyway.

The first, third and fourth MIDI are fine (I like the MI theme, but this is the stupid Limp Bizkit version or something), too bad they did not play ingame for me.

Tips: Save from the escape menu. There are a few secret areas with potions. Do not enter the cave unless you have almost full health. Try to avoid the spikes when you can, and save the green mushroom for the boss.

Overall, this is a good romp. With just a few fikes and changes, it could get more than 8 points from me, now it must stick with 7.