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Cloud Castle 2: Scarab

Boss mode! Jameil released!
August 23rd, 2009
Score : 9.9 exceptional
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I do not know exactly why I have'nt written a review for this game yet. It is, however, my favourite D-MOD of all time, and it deserves a review.

The story to this game was massive and in-depth compared to any other D-MOD I have seen thus far, and I continuely play it over and over again without getting bored. Dink lands in the prison of Salamak, a desert built to hold a powerful ancient named Jameil. After the events of Cloud Castle 1, a piece of Cloud Castle is destroyed and lands in Salamak. A group of weirdos names the S Club 7, are planning of harvesting the desert's energy in order to escape Salamak and eventually rule it entirely. The plot holes were very few, such as the Scarab Man and his 'destiny' of releasing his master, Jameil. So far that would be the only plot hole I've seen.
STORY: 10/10


I did see quite a few new graphics, which I will list from the appearance in which I saw them: The Pillbugs have been signifacantly shrunk in order to create Scarabs, the boncas are modified in order to create 'Bane Boncas', and the pillbugs have also been modified to create brown ones. There are a variet of diffents slimers in the game ranging from there original color to something more refreshing such as the light purple ones. Jameil was a nice 3-D graphic of two skulls and a face bulging out of a wall.


The gameplay kept me playing. There were two stories built into this MOD; one was the S Club 7, and the other one was releasing Jameil. There were also two mini-games built into this game, which included an extended version of the stamped called Stampede Forever, and another one you get by completing the game 100%, called Boss Mode, where you fight almost every boss over again with your stats each at 10. I have'nt unlocked Boss Mode yet, because I suck, but I have unlocked Stampede Forever.
The sound was incredible and each song fit the moment almost every time. There were many new MIDIs to listen to. And well...nothing more to say about it...
SOUND: 10/10

GAME OVERALL SCORE: 9.9/10 since I cant select 10.