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Cast Awakening Part 1: Initiation

Mwahaha!! I'm killing blobs with a loaf of bread! It was at that moment that Dink thought that maybe the quiet life would have been a better choice. Either Dink's been Drinking or hes dreaming
January 6th, 2006
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male United States xbox steam
The world could always use more heroes 
Now, this was almost the best D-Mod ever. I loved the new graphics and the puzzles were so fun. I got all the endings, in numerical order too...1,2,3,4...Extremely good graphics, a bunch of new monsters, like the exploding duck and the multiplying blobs.

Basic Story: The Cast have lured dink into their HQ, so they can kill him for killing Seth. Dink is told that it's the "Hall of Heroes Society. Dink is thrown into the prisons, and after the guards that take him to be executioned get killed by an "avelanche," Dink has to find a way to escape. It's up to you to help him.

Many good cutscenes as well. Voices done by fellow Dinkers in the begining of the D-Mod, the opening cutscene...Many new weapons such as the rancid meat (makes you,) the sabretrout, the rock hard bread, firesword, etc.

MIDIs---10.0 (i noticed a MIDI that was Coldplay, Speed of Sound I think)
New Weapons---15.0+
Lasting Appeal---10.0

One of the best D-Mods ever and fun for 4+hours. Recomended to: Everyone!