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Peasant He/Him Netherlands
Olde Time Dinkere 
The description that follows is... something from I don't know how many years ago. Maybe ten or more!



- I like computer games.
- I like making computer games and useful applications.
- I like a lot of different musical genres.
- I like to draw... I do! But my drawings aren't too good.
- I like the game Dink Smallwood, duh.
- I like old games and old computers/consoles in general, and collect them.
- I have a website.
- I am in a software development team called Tengu Dev.
- I have Messenger and AIM accounts, but use Pidgin to chat.

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MSN MSN no longer exists, yo

2007-07-29 07:25:03
Peasant He/Him Netherlands
Olde Time Dinkere 
Blargh, you could have used paragraphs to split up your text.

Outlander needs a special (older) version of the Dink engine, which is Invertigo's version. If you download the file you'll notice it's only really just one exe. Rename it to something useful like dink32.exe.

Now make the shortcut of that file. I explained it, other people explained it, and I'm not gonna explain it again.

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Helpin' the Ol' Duck FarmerD-Mod, RompFair 6.7March 26th, 2006

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