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XXhex's 12 Midi Pack

Ok.. These are my favorite midis that, I have made so far. Some of them I made last night so..
I you like them!

Released:September 18th, 2005
File Size:15.31 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
September 18th, 2005
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant United States
keep it real 
i definitely think this midi pack has tunes that rival christiaan's and my own. a lot of these songs just seem to fit right into the feel of the game more than a lot of other original midis on here when mine and christiaans tend to be more of the stuff Tal rocks out to when hes blasting the crap out of yellow aliens on some kind of weird ass martian based video game rather than dink smallwood

i am waiting for the day that dmods start using these awesome custom midis instead of 10000 frickin FINAL FANTASY midis in every dmod KISS MY ASS.

happysong.mid - D i just dont like it

heavynmetal.mid - B awesome part after around second 9 or 10 but song also has mediocre parts

melodic.mid - A+ just truely awesome and also fitting for a dmod setting

melodic2.mid - C- cool and bouncy for about 4 seconds but its way too repetitive, reminds me of being attacked by some sort of giant fuzzy creature LEAVE ME ALONE!!

melodic3.mid - A+ just a perfect midi file for a video game of this genre, nothing more and nothing less

melodic4.mid - A- the long ass intro is made up for by a nice rest if the song. videogameish this one is also

melodic5.mid - C dont really like the intro at all the leads as all the melodic songs so far are still cool though

melodic6.mid - B nothing special but along the same lines

melodic7.mid - A another good one

pianosong.mid - sounds just like one of the piano songs in the original game, i dont like them really but its composed good enough that if you asked me i wouldnt be able to tell the difference so i cannot possibly grade this because it could be an imposter

sad2happy.mid - D+ dont like this one either maybe you just shouldnt put the word "happy" in your midis cause these ones are getting bad press. the only good part is the very very very beginning of the "transition" and that 1 second is soley responsible for the "+"

techno - C techno in a video game kind of way and thats good enough but the end of it kind of sucks

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