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You little goofs are keeping me busy enough without providing the tools to my own destruction!!

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2011-09-12 10:32:13

A mere absctraction created by hormons... Or by money as if you have money enough you are sexy.

It only happens if you need sex or if you need to fill your pocket with something(eg: money).
Actualy, may also happen if you are a female and just gave birth, and you will love him until he start dealing in/with drugs.

But if you want to be unrealistic: the most powerful force in the planet. The only one that cannot be bought.
You can also buy a dog and pretend to love him while he is busted in a cage away form the wild life...

Although, it's a necessary abstration, as if it does not existed, we would lack of procreation and our species would not stand the fright of natural selection and we would "perish in a darwinian way".