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I am me, that's what count!
Stupid afirmation? Not tryng to be profund, but there are people who don't do what they like, aren't themselves.
So yes, "I am myself!"
That also means: i am not what you suppose, but myself. So do not judge me, thank you.

I hate who judge nazi suastic WHEN CARRYNG A PENTAGRAM in neck because i hate hypocresi.
I am a programmer.
I am mindly disturbed.
I like meat.
I don't like big descriptions, so it ends here.

Note: and i am not also what i say that i am. Except for the afirmations above.

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2009-06-28 15:23:57
[...] found out he was in the Mortal Kombat's outworld world. Wich means only 2 thinks: he was been warped and now he will be forced to serve Shao Kahn unless we is brought to Stonebrook again by Dink Smallwood.

So, and he found out a rubber duck. After pressing it few times, he found out that the duck's voice went "darker and eviler" and the duck got autonomy, growed out 2 miles of height and told the king "for making free the allmighty formal evil owner of the outrworld, I'll give you ONLY ONE wish realised... ANY WISH", and the King Daniel desired...

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