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2010-10-14 07:48:29
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Hi there DinkDoodler. Just read your post. Im fairly new here(well..not exactly..I keep coming here on and off. Mostly anonymous coz I keep forgetting d password) Anyway, Im from India and people care a LOT about grades here as well, so I guess I understand. I know how you worry about her and how her behaviour might effect your family, and asking you not to do so might not help you.

What you SHOULD do is ask your parents to talk to some of her close friends. There could be so many reasons as to WHY she's getting bad grades and she might not be telling you any of these. Maybe she is finding it difficult to cope up? Or maybe she really is in a teen phase and wants just to enjoy like most teenagers do. All she needs is proper guidance. There's nothing wrong in chatting online and making friends, as long as she finds time to do her work and stuff. She does'nt have to change herself(since in some ways she may be right on her part) just find a little balance. And even though I completely agree with what some people here say, that grades arent everything, we still cant overlook the fact that in some places and for some people, good grades mean better lives in the future. I hope all works out for you

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