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2011-01-08 06:46:05
"Hmm, that new sprite browser is nice. How are the graphics listed in that? Are they grouped in directories, or alphabetical, or what? And how quick is the loading of the sprite browsers? I know in WDE it's very tedious that as soon as I press 'E' I have to wait 10 seconds of so for the sprite screen to load. But hey, that could just be my PC... "
Any way you want And, well, it should be instant. Although, yes, it should be in WDE+ plus as well.

But now! I've typed up the complete list of planned features (this far) here: It contains a lot of goodies.
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WinDinkEdit Plus SourceDevelopment, SourceN/AAugust 12th, 2007
WinDinkEdit PlusDevelopment, UtilityGood 8.8February 20th, 2007
RearEndMiscellaneous, FrontendN/AOctober 7th, 2005
Castle KillersD-Mod, RompFair 5.4July 20th, 2004
Unfinished BusinessD-Mod, RompFair 5.2January 31st, 2004

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This is a Good Tool That Could Be Better DinkSaysNormalFair 5.5July 14th, 2004
Story: Simple but Still Ok NorthNormalFair 6.8December 11th, 2003