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September 7th, 2002
1.4 Beta 2
Score : 9.6 exceptional
King He/Him United States bloop
A mother ducking wizard 
WinDinkedit is the best editor for D-Mods, period. It has all of the capabilities of DinkEdit, and does many, many things better than DE.

One of the new features with v1.00 (originally devised by myself) is it is now extremely simple to select sprites that are behind other sprites. Previously, with all former versions of WDE, it was near impossible to, say, select a door sprite that was 'behind' a house. Sure, you could move the house out of the way, or vision the house momentarily, but it was a real pain. WDE fixes this, as it will select the sprite with the least area, rather than the first sprite it finds.

Other improvements include the inclusion of a Hard Tile Editor and a Dink.ini Hardness Editor. Both work rather well... but the DE equivalents were slightly more easy to use. In WDE, they feel clunky, and don't feel right like their DE equals. Also, there is no hints as to how to use them from within the program: you have to read the readme.txt to understand.

Outside of those minor complaints, everything else in WinDinkedit is better. If you're interested in D-Mod editing, you simply have to download this program.