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Papa Georgios Pizza Parlor I HATE PILLBUGS!
May 15th, 2006
Score : 8.0 good
Just about everything about this dmod has been summed up already by previous review-ists, except for two issues. First, I really liked the music. Almost every change of music is funny and a bit over-the-top at times.

Second, and more important to me, this is a very good example of a feature that makes Dink stand out in the universe of RPG: the way the game tends to 'transcend' the boundaries of the game and interact as it were to the outside world (the dmod-author, the player, etc).

There are examples, of course, of Dink or one of his fellow characters addressing the dmod-author or the player. In this dmod that principle is taken one step further: you don't get to know the secret ending (which is of course every gamers' ultimate goal) until you reach the normal ending, hear the duck out (I killed it before it could spill it's guts, my first time around...), and then restart or reload.

At that time, Dink cannot do anything from inside the game; you as a player have to cross the fence, take a hand and then startup again to let Dink do his thing.

It's either trivial or very profound; to me it's the latter and I really like this one for it.