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Gold Knight Agency (The)

Dink tells off a dragon. From the COTPATD project.
This is my first D-Mod. It is only a demo because I couldn't be bothered to finish it.
Released:October 21st, 2006
File Size:1.04 MB
Release Notes:v1.00
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April 5th, 2007
Score : 5.8 fair
Bard He/Him Netherlands
I object 
The Gold knight agency is a good DMOD for a beginner though it lacks something in the storyline department. It's classified as a demo, but if you remove the final scene it's just a normal romp.

The first part of this DMOD is bad. It feels rather dull walking back and forth to Libby each time you hit on a minor problem. It feels like no effort has been put into making the story interesting, but that every effort has been done just to make the story progress.
But, it really feels that the author got better and better during the creation of the DMOD. At first the tasks might seem dull, but as the story progresses the tasks become more complicated the story gets better and more varied. It's still the same thing of getting a task and then executing it though, but towards the end requires atleast some brainpower to solve the problems.

The mapping is pretty decent, but definitely not spectacular. Most of it is just some grass and flowers spread out over the screen. There are a few screenmatch issues, but they are pretty minor in general. Worse is the fact that you can walk through houses, though I failed to find any more serious hardness problems.
Some new graphics are used as well, though the author doesn't properly credit the people who made them, witch is a drawback for me.

The choice of music is good, it's really the only thing that gives the DMOD some atmosphere. The enemies are well balanced in general as well, they're a challenge but never to hard, just make sure you find all the potions. The only issue with enemies is that there's usually no way to gain extra health just before a big fight which pretty much means you should always try to have a near full healthbar all the time.

Final Verdict:
The Gold knight agency is a reasonable DMOD. It's unspectacular and dull in the beginning, but in general it is still a nice little romp that keeps you entertained for half an hour. It's uninspired but well made.
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