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The Disciple

Dink encounters a Spooky Ghostâ„¢. The mystery begins. Dink's plumbing is probably faulty.
September 18th, 2017
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Peasant He/Him
I disagree. 
So, about this dmod... obviously...

-The Story-

For the sake of avoiding spoilers this dmod had a really good story. Basic cliche concept of defeating something evil is still present, but it is really well executed and combined with some good plot twists, and some stuff that are hard to write and present in a proper way.
Humor is classic Dink style, and there are a few places that really got me laughing (lady of the lake especially). There was also one morally ambivalent moment which is always a nice touch in a dmod.
So storywise, I liked it a lot.

-Gameplay & feel-

This is a 'linear' dmod so to speak, and player will visit many interesting places, each unique in it's own way, both in design, and enemies that player encounters, so there is a good sense of progress. None of the areas player visits are too big, so there are no pointless long walks. Every screen has something in it (a secret here and there), so exploration doesn't become a chore. Though I still wish that I can simply buy a pair of herb boots at the beginning of every dmod.

I remember only one spot with hardness error, so it's forgettable.

Tasks are clear here, I always knew what I'm supposed to do, and were to go. That doesn't mean that you have clear instructions what to do right away, but rather a good hints and clues, which is the best (this is not a puzzle solving dmod).

Fighting was hard though, I died many times, and finally resorted to cheats. But I'm not the brightest example of a good fighter so...
Bosses were also nice. They aren't just an endless punching fest, and describing the methods to defeat them will ruin the fun.


A good dmod, with an interesting story (and it's presentation), good mapping, and some nice funny (and also very inventive) moments.

Calculating score: 8.9 + 0.3 (for the ending extras):
Final score = 9.2