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Day after the Middle Night (The)

Yah I don't think the human body is that cool once you think about the insides Yeah the table is funny, but you look a little old
August 11th, 2011
Score : 3.8 tolerable
I must admit, I thought that with all the good reviews going around I expected this D-Mod to be great. Too bad it wasn't as good as it was made out to be.
Pros: Horror D-Mod's are rarely, if ever, produced, excepting Skull's very own Hotel of the Middle Night. So it's good to have a horror D-Mod every once in a while. Also, the new tiles and dark stranger graphics were commendable, although they didn't really fit into Dink nicely.
Cons: Most of the mapping was recycled from the original Hotel of the Middle Night. The invisible warp-fences in front of the upper-floor doors were placed too far away, so approaching the doors from the side either didn't take you into the room or took you in before you were anywhere near the door. The tile-set was good, but was used so un-spaciously that every few centimeters there was a crack in the floor. The music was not scary and the legendary Get out sound was used too many times in this D-Mod to be scary. When the character pushed he turned into Dink. The dark stranger appeared to glide over the floor and the skull-headed man was the same as the one strung on the tree in the D-Mod A False Hero. The hardness was not set correctly in many places in the lower floor, like the right side of the stairs and at the table. The ending was too quick and had no meaning and thus makes it feel as if the D-Mod was rushed out for the non-combat contest.
Overall: This D-Mod had some good points, but its glaring bugs and meaningless ending sucked away most of the enjoyment.
July 26th, 2011
Score : 8.9 good
Peasant Male United Kingdom xbox steam
No, no that's not right. 
I agree with what you said, I did like it, It had me on the edge of my seat, as in fear, but the good kind, I didnt know what was going to come of it.. but I'm pleased about it now..
Good: 99.9% everything, music, all that.
Bad: wasn't as long as I would have liked.. no d-mods are as long as I'd like, but yeah.
Also, I noticed that when I pushed, I turned into dink.. How odd..
But great..
May 28th, 2011
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male Poland
*Scuttle Scuttle* 
I loved playing it. A shiver of an odd, scaring feeling went iside me when i played this. The mapping is good . especially the vampire with the "cape" thing. this actually DOES answer lots of questions but another appears. And it is this : How is dink still alive? He got bit in the last game! The story is goody and scary. The music is fit for this Dmod. Especially in the scariest parts. But you should make more scary sounds. Not just the : geeeet...ooouuuttt...... , over all, Story:10/10 music:7.5/10 Mapping:6/10 coz u cant get out of the building anywhere. Fit for eople who like getti'n scared in dmods and people who like quick one , and for the ones that are tough. Like hard toget scared. Also fit for the ones that are bored walking up, down leveling up, doing millions of quests, and other long things. over all score : 9.0.
February 24th, 2011
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Male Cuba xbox
I'm simply a distraction. 
This dmod is the first I have ever completed it was not to hard and had a very sup rising ending the game just kept me guessing and in the end i was wrong
Good tory,the way it phased to different characters,the vampire guy to me looked nice

Bad:I didn't like the way the ghost knight looked,that it was over so quickly

Overall the game is great as far as story go's I actually was kinda scared or thrilled can't remember