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Bomb (The)

December 7th, 2009
Score : 7.5 good
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The Bomb by Iplaydink

The Bomb is a quite small D-Mod that lasts for about an hour. I’ve successfully played through the whole D-Mod without finding any bugs that I can recall. I think I found all of the secrets, though most of them were easy to find.

- Short summary –

*Slight spoiler ahead*
In my honest opinion, I didn’t find the story in this D-Mod very interesting. Dink has to save the town of “The End” from being blown up by a bomb, mysteriously placed in the caverns below. The mayor of “The End” draws the solution that the bomb must’ve placed there by people from another town called “Slowpoke”. He sends Dink to investigate the problem. But the town of “Slowpoke” has also received a bomb threat – and of course, they believe the bomb has been placed there by the people of “The End”. Investigating further, Dink learns that the threats are coming from a strange bomb cult. After some searching, Dink discovers the enemies hide-out. He enters and kills everyone inside – then you’ve completed the D-Mod.

Good aspects

- I liked the new enemies; they fitted well and didn’t look too drawn.
- The music in the cathedral and other critical moments were very good.
- Many secrets (though they’re easy to find).
- “The cathedral of bombs”.
- Some humor!

Negative aspects

- Some music was annoying (like the music in the towns and forests).
- Many sprites had a wrong depth que, you should really set things like stair, carpets and small stones to -1 so Dink always walk on top of them.
- I thought the terrain and most of the areas lacked in details… Since I’m a detail freak when it comes to D-Mods, I was a little annoyed of this. You should add more different tiles with rocks and water, maybe add some grass or some bush sprites also.
- Many houses were locked with no explanation why.
- Too short ending.
- Lack of interaction with other NPCs.
- Some points of the story.

Final words

This is a good D-Mod considering it is Iplaydinks first mod. It’s not excellent – but I have all confidence that Iplaydinks future D-Mods will be very well done. Just add some focus on the environment and the story. You should really continue making your own enemies. That was a big plus!

“The Bomb” is definitely worth a try. Download it!

Score: 7.5
September 30th, 2009
Score : 8.1 good
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The world could always use more heroes 
This is Iplaydink's first D-mod, titled "The Bomb". After playing it, I think it is a proper title for the D-mod. I actually thought this D-mod was pretty good.

Basic Info about the D-mod
The basic plot is that Dink has to learn how to defuse a bomb thats going to be used to blow up the town. The story is laid out pretty well and even someone like me (who cant figure things out) can finish this D-mod without too much trouble. It is quite straightforward, with fighting, and tough monsters.

There were some new graphics used in this D-Mod. There was a rug, chairs, the bomb (of course),windows, and a new ghost like grim reaper-like monster. They looked pretty good, but didn't completely fit in with the style of the other graphics.

The map is pretty good, but I felt that some of the screens felt a bit empty. The screens should have more details I think, such as more grass, or rocks. I noticed issues with the tiles in the caves. It's not a major issue, but it really bothers me because it doesn't look all that great. But nobody is perfect.

The midi's used were good in general, I liked the Pink Panther Theme, and another which is called In the Hall of the Mountain King or something like that. The midi's are a bit spread out so that they don't load every few screens which is a plus.

Some bad things I noticed, other than what I already mentioned, is that the with big pillbugs in the forest near "Slowpoke," the screen was locked every time. This got annoying after a while, having to kill all the pillbugs every single time you went through that area just got a bit tiresome and made me want to pull my hair out.

There were also some hardness issues with the sprites such as grasses, and some out of line walls, but nothing major that took away from the gameplay, just minor annoyances.

Overall, I liked this D-mod. Some of the scripts could have been cleaner, and the screenlocks could have been reduced, but for a first D-mod, I was not expecting any degree of perfection. Everyone should try this D-mod out.

Iplaydink's D-mod "The Bomb", was the bomb!