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The Black Skull

Title duck
November 14th, 2016
Score : 7.9 good
Peasant He/Him United States bloop rumble
2nd generation. No easy way to be free. 
The author obviously spent a good deal of time putting together this dmod. Such work shows again and again. There is a lot of interesting terrain to explore, and enemies to do battle with. Also, one gets to meet some very interesting characters.

This game started out with an Incredible intro! There are some very creative uses of standard graphics and also, some very nice graphics I've never seen in a Dink game before.

The author has selected some very well chosen midis help to set the scene again and again.In fact there is a wealth of music, and sometimes two midis playing at once (on purpose?).

There were some unlikely and surprising NPC's used to provide critical game hints. Over all, the story is pretty good, if a bit light. It carefully allows for hints that help us through the game, though I could have used a few more and struggled at bit at times.

The dmod was sprinkled with quite a few chuckles here and there plus humor and whimsical fun, including a place where you can visit the dmod author.

Quite a few freeze bugs that cause you to have to abort the game and a few other errors (that are confusing at first), detracted from the game.
The use of a spear (as a missile) weapon was interesting and some new powers for the standard monsters monsters caught me by surprise. While many magical weapons oppose you, some with some very nice graphics, you can also obtain fancy spells.

Overall this dmod was a real pleasure for me to play. It's rich tapestry of places to go and things to do, plus the interesting game enhancements made it great fun.

A map was available but (for various reasons) not very useful.

- There are numerous spelling errors in the text.
- There really were places where two midis seemed to play at once.