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Basilisk Smile (The)

September 29th, 2006
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Male United States
You start off on a boat that comes under attack. Dink is told to flee and he reluctantly does so. The action is quick to start and you do some exploring on the boat, but mostly you are just looking to leave and not die. Upon leaving the boat, you see the credits roll as Dink rows away from his ship. It is all very nicely done although the music choice was questionable (16 bit era RPG music).

You arrive on a small island where nearly everyone has been turned to stone. Upon searching around, you find one girl who is still normal. Slowly you begin to unravel the mystery of what has tragically happened to the island's inhabitants. The music upon arriving on the island is much better. Moody and original (as far as I could tell, although I have been out of the Dink scene for several years ). Anyway, the story progresses very nicely with lots of stuff to do for the length of the DMOD. There is no combat, but completing various tasks will allow you to gain experience points and skills to help you complete the quest. (I think they should have been called something other than experience, but it works none the less).

There were a few minor problems I noticed when playing the DMOD. Some minor hardness issues and walking on building sides, but nothing major. Upon dying one time, I noticed that I could walk around (invisibly) and talk. The largest error seemed to be a treasure chest that should have given me a vital item that didn't seem to work (looking at the source code was the only way I knew what the chest should have done, but I didn't see an error while glancing over the code).

Anyway, overall, the DMOD was quite good. Very moody, with some fun exploring and well thought out story.

This DMOD was an entry into the Failure DMOD contest. My ranking (excluding my own entry for objectivity) #2 of 7