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Attack of the Army (The)

A dead wizard Visiting the king. The titular attack of the army. From the COTPATD project.
July 18th, 2014
Score : 4.4 tolerable
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The reviews for this dmod are really mixed. Ranging anywhere from 8.9 to 1.0 This game doesn't deserve either of those extremes. Glenn actually wrote a review for it giving it a 6.5, and said that he would update it. That was back in 2004 so that's probably not going to happen. It's an okay romp.

The story of this dmod - if you can make it out from the poor spelling and lacking grammar - is about some army that has apparently gone about killing people. It's not easy knowing how exactly to proceed and the island most of the game takes place on is pretty big. It can wind up being confusing trying to find what you're looking for.

The large map also ranges from nothing on a screen to being absolutely covered in trees. There's one secret area which I'm convinced is the sole purpose of finding the fireball spell. Because after you cross the bridge and attack the army it does absolutely nothing. That secret area is practically a requirement in order to beat the game too. Without it the first few knights you fight will be insanely difficult. The secret area isn't just like one or two potions, it's probably close to 30 stat potions. When a game requires you to up your stats by that much to proceed, it's not balanced very well in my mind. There's another room in the castle that also has about 30 stat potions. It's right before a room with like 20 knights to fight. But it becomes super easy when you have 85 strength, 65 defense, and over an entire bar of health. After that you fight the boss which doesn't take very long at all. After you defeat the boss you're teleported back to the castle to talk with the king and the game ends.

It's a very lackluster game and underserving of any praise. But it's also not something to just throw away into the pit of deplorable dmods.