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Apprentice (The)

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July 8th, 2004
Score : 6.0 fair
The Apprentrice, Lennard Smith's first d-mod, is a short little romp, which can easily be beaten in under half an hour. I found it to be quite enjoyable, if not really short, sloppy, and disappointing towards the end.

This journey starts out as a continuation of the original Dink Smallwood, but nothing looks the same except the initial screen. Immediately, a wizard promises vengeance for his master Seth's demise and makes some speech that I didn't pay much attention to. He then begins using his powerful magic spells to control the goblins and persuade them to join him in an uprising against the kingdom.

+A few new sounds, which were all well-placed and enjoyable
+Some new graphics, which seemed to be some new tiles and a sword or something
+The mapping detail was pretty nice.
+A few really nice midis that added to the general effect of the game

-Lots of hardness errors. This person should learn to use hard tiles instead of placing invisible sprites around everywhere.
-Some scripting errors. You're supposed to have to give some guards these papers before you can cross a bridge, but all I did was simply walk off screen then back on and the guards had disappeared.
-I got tired of hearing "Eye of the Tiger" on almost every other screen.
-The game was entirely unbalanced, especially with slayers giving you hundreds of gold which you'll never use. Too many enemies, their skill level should be adjusted accordingly
-The last boss that you have to fight is way too easy. I think it was impossible for him to hit me.

This is a fairly decent game, except for the fact that it's not complete. The author mentions in the middle of the game that he was too lazy to complete it, and its really disappointing. I recommend this for anyone who is either bored or wants to add another D-mod to their collection. Hopefully Lennard will release this again, completed and improved.