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Apprentice (The)

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July 10th, 2004
Score : 5.8 fair
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The Apprentice by Lennard Smith

Pros: Abundance of the usual monsters to kill. Hidden potions behind burnable trees A few nice surprises here and there. Lots of save bots, and a couple of stores where you can spend your money.

Cons: Quite a few *locked screens*. The best sword you can get is the claw sword. What’s with the bombs? Slayers seem to dominate the latter half (giving you lots of money, but nowhere to spend it, unless you wanted to backtrack to buy potions) of the game, all leading up top the GIANT slayer, who was easy to kill. Most of the trees were burnable, so I spent my time burning down trees to see if there were any surprises. Couldn’t find Lennard, so thinking I had missed something, I replayed the game. Went North and after getting around a Big Tree that was not a tree and fighting some purple bonca’s I saw a log house. I thought it might be Lennards, but no, it leads you back to Dink’s house and eventually crashes the game (grrrr). I walked on top of houses, through save bots and why did I need that letter anyhow?

Overall: Could have been a much better dmod, had the mistakes/hardness errors been fixed and the game had continued, instead of being a demo (or just unfinished). I hope the authour finishes the game sometime in the near future.