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Of course I want a cool gadget
January 24th, 2002
Score : 6.3 fair
Bard They/Them Netherlands
Lazy bum 
A StarCraft based Dmod. certainly something different, but I thought it was a bit boring, well okay, the boss was fun, and so are the weapons (rocket launcher yeah baby!) Still, it left me bored after a while
GRAPHICS 7.8: Alright, all new kinds of enemies. Looking good too, just like the real Starcraft graphics.
SOUND 7.1: Average/good music. Energyful, that mught be just the right word for it.
GAMEPLAY 6.4: Notning new, and quite boring. Nice weapons though and the boss was fun fun fun.
LASTING APPEAL 5.0: I turned bored pretty quick. Also no reason to play it again after you finished it.
TOTAL: 6.3