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Stone of Balance

March 17th, 2007
Score : 9.2 exceptional
Peasant He/Him Finland bloop
A Disembodied Sod 
Finally I get this through! Phew! Almoust the best d-mod ever I've played.
Even this is a good and EPIC d-mod I'll write a short rewiew.

Story: An apperentice wizard tries to steal Stone of Balance. But the stone blows up and lands to several places. The seven pieces must be together again, and so two priests from Temple of Balance sends Dink to find those pieces.

Good: Not so easy to get through.

Bad: To much walking town and back to wherever! In DESERT of thirds. it's really boring!

Overal: A very good d-mod with a great story in it! With also a great end Boss in it!

Fit for: For all what's in it!

I didn't give the full points cause it's not perfect! Nothing of nopody's perfect! Remember that! I'm on my way to play SOB 2: Pilgrim's Quest.