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Spike Graphics

Spike in various poses.
This graphics pack features the new Spike graphics in a small d-mod. You can use them for anything you like.
Released:October 18th, 2003
File Size:668.78 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
October 19th, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant United States
keep it real 
this is a new character for dink. it is a skeleton in a black robe with liberty spikes. it looks evil, and unlike the original look of dink. if more graphics were released with this kind of darkness, dink could become way more cool.

the graphics come loaded in a dmod to test it out. nothing fancy, just the essentials, and that is good. there is no setup help file, but any intermediate author will have everything they need from the files used to run the test dmod.

there are some examples of spells which is cool, as well as hitting, and the test has locations to test out new warps.

graphics included are for walking with staff, crawling into crack, hitting with staff, idle with staff, shooting fire spell with staff, pushing with staff, disintegrating to warp, dieing with staff, and one where the spike dude raises his arms to cast a spell or warp.

negatives: a staffless walk and hit sequence would be cool. this would open more options similar to the dink graphics. and people could add their own new weapons like hammer/axe/swords like to dink. an evil looking broadsword/clawsword would be freakin awesome. and a longbow, or better, a crossbow would make me wet my pants. other than what would make this character totally ass rocking, there arent negatives.