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Sour Gummy Worms

One of the many screens with ever changing enemies
July 26th, 2015
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant He/Him Netherlands
Olde Time Dinkere 
At the start, I was set with low expectations. I was thinking "Sheesh... How could you even mess up the title screen?" to "wtf am I playing here and where is all the health and what is with these maps". Then I discovered you have ALL weapons right from the start... and there's a whole bunch of silly fun right ahead.

The Good
I love the silliness of this D-Mod, and how everything is all messed up and glitchy. I love how Skurn took Dink's battle system, and devise a way to make it fun again - through pure mayhem and ridiculous level and stat gaining. The reset orb was a clever addition too - it resets your level to 1, but all your stats remain... so you can begin the ridiculous stat gaining all over once again. There are TONS of enemies taking up the entire screen, making TONS of damage numbers appear over it, and they all drop RIDICULOUS amounts of experience. It's silly, it's crazy, it's fun.

There's a plot here, and it's nuts, funny, and meta as all hell, and it involves all the well-known people here at the Dink Network. I like it a lot.

The Bad
But then there are some battles which are plain tedious if you don't think to level up your strength early enough... and there are some areas that are pretty much instakill unless you figure out how to handle them. Another not so good thing is that you've basically gotta focus on leveling your strength - this isn't really mentioned anywhere, just make sure to stop putting points in defense when you have like 1000 of it. I had to grind later on because I put too much into defense at first.

There are some glitches (besides the intended fun ones I mean) that can break the game. Basically, don't press space too much during boss cutscenes. Also, there's an enemy in here you can defeat only in one way: with your fist. (Spoiler: it's the slime)

The Ugly
The maps themselves are obviously done REALLY quickly, although I understand it was done this way because it's not exactly the focus of the game to have you stand around when you could go around murdering all kinds of weird exotic creatures.

In closing
It is completely worth it to play this game from start to finish.