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Scar of David 2: The Search for the Scarf

September 4th, 2023
Score : 3.0 tolerable
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This D-Mod is Thom C. Vedder's second D-Mod. It is attempting to be a sort of sequel to Scar of David by Mike Snyder. Spoiler alert: it does not deliver. But let's look at it closer:

Dink has lost David's scarf due to him being ambushed by a group called Deserters, former members of the Cast. Dink has to find the scarf. The rest of the story boils down to a copule of quests, neither of which gives much more interesting flare to it.

No new graphics other then the title screen - which doesn't look that good -, and usage of one of Mike Snyder's new tiles - from the tileset many other D-Mods use. So nothing tangible.

A mixed bag. Some map screens look well done, others have a big lack of creativity. One positive aspect would be a few unconventional sprite placements, as this was the era before general D-Mod mapping had mostly stantardized. Unforunately, these are not common.

Well, there are a few quests here, but they are a bit boring. And some of them have flaws in their design. Like at one place, your task is to move a duck statue, but you need strength to do that. You can get two strength potions in an area, but that's not enough. You need one additional point. Problem: you are not told that you'd need that, and the area in question is the only place where you can level up at that point - slowly after the first one if I add. You might end up leveling up in this basement, and putting a point in - let's say defense. And only after the fact will you realize: you have to grind to reach the next level to add the lacking strength point. It might sound like a nitpick, but the game could have given me a hint that you'll need strength before I wasted a level. Another place has you walking into pillars that teleport you. Some of them teleport you back to a previous area, others lead to the path forward. My gripe with these is that they are trial-and-error. There's no logical way to know which are the correct ones. This one is a more minor issue though. But to add insult to injury, at the end of the game, the guy who supposedly has the scarf tells you this was just a demo. I know I'm spoiling, but honestly, you didn't miss much. Oh, and there are two instances where Dink just freezes after choosing a dialogue option.

I thought some of the dialouge was funny. Other jokes didn't click.

This D-Mod fellt, well... pointless. I kind of feel like it wasted my time, in sharp contrast with Vedder's other work, Pointless. Sure, that one had it's quirks and bugs, but if you know your way around those, it offers at least something. It feels more pointless then Pointless.
Recommendation? The only reason to play this D-Mod is maybe that you'll enjoy some of the jokes I guess. To be honest, I'd recommend playing the original Scar of David or even Pointless. They're not brilliant, but IMO still better then this one.