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Revenge of the Pigs

June 16th, 2003
Score : 0.1 horrible
The Revenge of the Pigs 1.0 by Glenn ???
What revenge ?
Did anyone who played this "thing" actually got some revenge ?

Story : 0,02
Kirg takes revenge ! (eventually he will not get his revenge, but I suppose you already know why)

Gameplay : 0,00
Reason for the low score : gameplay is "non-existant"
You can't give points for nothing, can you ?

Sound : 0.02
One new sound, good job !

Music : 0,00
Nevermind, I know it's difficult finding midis these days...

Effort : 0,02
I suppose he was just testing windinkedit, but at least he managed to put some sprites on screen.

Courage : 0,02
You need a lot of courage to release something like this, so another 0,02 for the risk of losing your dignity. (and believe lost it)

Scripting : 0,02
Yes yes I like that intro movie you scripted, sounds like the beginning of a whole new saga. (hope not)

Final score : 0,1
I really think you deserved the score, but hey it's just your firs...erm third d-mod, so don't worry, you'll get there, one day you'll release something that is worth playing !!

but for now,
you wasted 2 valuable minutes of my life, dang you !!

ps: you can always ask for "beta-testers" if you want to.
(you need them, believe me)