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Quest for Arithia 2: The Rozarus

August 9th, 2022
Score : 6.2 fair
The second D-Mod in Mike Snyder's series. I remembered it being quite good, but now that I replayed it... it's rough.
A bit unusual from my other reviews, I'll attempt to collect what I liked and didn't like in two sections.
- Mapping is a bit better then Snyder's previous attempts.
- The story, while not exceptional, is interesting.
- The connection with the author's other D-Mods is good to see.
- Longer than the first of the series.
- Some of the dialogue is funny and fits Dink's whacky style.
- The music is okay.
- For some reason, I found the inclusion of the pepper item nice and wishing some other D-Mod used it. Don't ask me why, maybe I'm a fan of spices?
- An early example of purchasable stat potions. Not only is it a good idea, it even limits the amount you can purchase.
- The mapping, while an improvement, has some flaws: some areas are way too big then they need to be, and most places are dull without decoration.
- It is easy to loose track where you are because of the big and boring parts. I didn't manage to find a particulat area because its entrance looks almost the same as the other!
- If you get killed by the boncas in the basement, there's no save option before entering, so you might lose quite a bit of progress. I know you can quicksave in Dink HD, but that wasn't possible at the time this D-Mod was released.
- The slayers can kill you easily if you don't drink the extra potions.
- A maze where you can have trouble navigating because of the dullness of the mapping makes most sections look very similar.
- You are not given much direction, so you might explore a place that you are not supposed to be in yet, without any indication you have just wasted your time because you can't progress.
This D-Mod is by no means bad, but I find it's rough around the edges enough that it affected my fun. Content wise, it's longer than the first part, but still short.
Do I recommend it? It depends whenever you find the flaws a big or a small annoyance. And if you are okay playing something that's short but lacks depth. If you are looking to play something high quality or very fun, this likely isn't it.