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Project A.N.Y.

May 15th, 2009
Score : 0.1 horrible
Peasant Male Finland bloop
"I'd like to be a tree..." 
Well, this is to date, the worst D-Mod I've ever played.

Story: Kill the teacher. Very short story, as you may already found out the hard way. Oh well, I'd give it 0.0, but atleast the story was original.

Map: Only one screen. The screen is in the cave. The cave has absolutely no details, expect for the teacher, who really isn't a detail. There is nothing blocking you to go south, but you can't. This is because there are no more screens than the one.

Graphics: No new ones, but that doesn't matter USUALLY, since very few D-Mods have, but when you have this kind of a D-Mod, I was atleast expecting new graphic for the teacher.

Music: No.

Gameplay: Kill the teacher. You have to hit him several times, and he doesn't even attack you. He just says some different crap everytime I hit him. Sure, killing your teacher could be fun, but in other style.

Good: Well, the story is atleast original.

Bad: There is no real gameplay, the map is poor, music is not used, I can continue this list forever.

Overall: 0.1. The story is original, but could be MUCH better.

Fit for: Stay away from this.

Final words: Why the hell were they in that cave?