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Mrs. Scarlet's Murder Mystery

June 2nd, 2004
Score : 6.4 fair
This demo dmod is about the murder of Mrs. Scarlet. Mr Scarlet called Dink Smallwood to solve the mystery. The story takes place at their house, which you can explore to look for clues. Unfortunatly, all you can find is a note from Ark, that asks mrs scarlet to meet him...

Graphics: only a couple of new tiles, and a customised titlescreen, the rest aren't new graphics. The map is also very small and it doesn't seem logic actually.
Music: The music was allright, not bad, not super neither
gameplay: pretty bad, since the story gets stuck, no more clues can be found, so there actually isn't much there, except the intro to the story... It's a good idea to make dink a detective instead of a hero or something, it would be possible to make a good dmod with this story.
overall: for the good ideas and the effort

This game is all right to download to keep you entertained for some time (not long though)