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June 4th, 2005
Score : 9.3 exceptional
This is, of course, a great game. On the downside, it feels (to me) somewhat unfulfilling.

Style: 9
It's hard to say what's missing here. My first thought is that there aren't enough characters with who you can actually converse, but that shouldn't be important to this sort of action intensive game. Perhaps the problem is that Lyna's personality isn't sufficiently developed due to the size of the dmod (extremely small.) Personality is largely a reflection of personal history, and there's just no way to show that here.

Anyways, the graphics are beautiful (especially the little blue star effects), the music fine, and there's lots of wonderful Paul Pliska scripting.

Gameplay: 10
I rather disagree with Simon here. The game is pretty easy--until you try to kill something (in the shadow world.) The spitting boncas in particular proved troublesome, even with the bow upgrade. On the other hand, the new enemies are brilliant: disappearing slimes, exploding slimes, the aforementioned boncas. Good stuff.

The whole "laying knights to rest" thing was weird, but interesting. The gameplay dynamics of this game are simply different from anything else on the network... I think different is good here.

Story: 9
I sort of bought into the fact the Lyna would go out and rescue the knights... I guess...

Overall: 9.3
It's not that it's too short, just that it sets you up for more stuff than it contains. I thought that I'd have to do a lot to overcome the Dragon cult, but obviously that didn't happen.