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Knight Soup

Blood in the desert. Ooooh. Can it fly? Can it shoot laser beams of death?
March 21st, 2013
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant He/Him Japan bloop
Responsible for making things not look like ass 
Story: The game takes place two years after Seth is defeated by dear 'ol dink. It starts off with a very funny introduction as the cast mistake Dink for Milder. Dink gets taken to the cast hideout, and then he decides to run away.

Gameplay: There are three levels of difficulty for this game: "easy", "medium", and "hard".
The difficulty only changes how much gold is per flamethrower shot. It doesn't really make the game more challenging.
The map is a very linear path for the most part. It gets a little more maze-like as the levels increase.

Enemies don't grant exp. They give you gold- which is used up to cast the "flamethrower" spell. So the only reason I saw to kill enemies, was to use that spell(which wasn't even very effective). So I didn't bother killing and just tried to run through every screen. Exp gain would have been really nice.

It's a pretty short game if you don't try to kill everything.

Map: It looked pretty nice and didn't have any hardness errors I was aware of. So good job on that.

Sounds: The use of sounds(mostly screaming) was a nice touch.
Midi: I liked the midis used. They fit nicely.

Scripting: All the humanoid enemies had some sort of dialogue, which was nice. All the story text and was written nicely and it was well done.

It's a well made dmod. There are just certain aspects of it that I wasn't a fan of. Although I would recommend trying it out for yourself.