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IPD Pack 1

I promised myself that I, before I start working on "Dink's Revenge", should learn 3d modelling in blender. This pack contains some things I've made to practise my blender skills, BMP-images to be used in a dmod.
Released:February 19th, 2010
File Size:165.92 KB
Release Notes:Initial version.
September 23rd, 2010
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant They/Them Australia
Here's some new graphics that, judging by the included license, are only to be used in a D-mod of some kind. The author claims to have rendered them in Blender, and has lumped the BMP files into a compressor. The Zip file contains a variety of things such as a table, a hut, some trees, and a wall.

All of these are cropped rather loosely, meaning that half the image is white space. These are uncompressed BMPs meaning that they have a rather large file size, a lot of which consists purely of white in this case. This pushes up file sizes and makes it a chore to download. There are free tools out there which will crop your image as tightly as possible in case you don't have Photoshop.

The lighting was done quite poorly, and all of these look really dark. The camera angles are also wrong for the table and the legs looks like they're bent, but the author hasn't included the .blend file meaning that we can't correct these errors or edit them to better suit our needs. The 7th image contains stray black dots which are quite distracting and look like some kind of graphical error.

The shadows are designed to look like the original Dink graphics, which makes them blend in partially with the original graphics. This is done fairly well except on the wall(?) graphic in which the shadow is too short.

The textures are okay. Most seem to be solid colours with little variation except for the table. The roof of the hut(?) looks like poo which is quite unappetizing.

There are no instructions on how to add these to the Dink.ini file, or how to set up the hardbox and similar. The user will have to do this themselves. There is not even a description of what is included in the pack in the first place! The name of the file on the site is "IPD Pack 1" which provides no indicator as to what is in it, or what it's for.

The trees are the most usable objects in the pack and look the best of the lot which still isn't saying much.

I am not impressed by this collection, however, and I doubt that I would ever use these.