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Historical Hero II: Armageddon

Avalanches... they tend to happen. Dink receives a letter The Grim Reaper's cousin, Harold.
Released:December 14th, 2014
File Size:10.30 MB
Release Notes:This is probably as final a version as there will ever be.
Unless I one day decide to make a super-amazing Gold Version.

-Finally fixed the error that would cause the game to crash when
killing certain Slimes.
-Fixed an error with the gate in the "17 brothers puzzle", and
made the puzzle itself slightly more difficult.
-Fixed a bug where you would remain frozen when leaving the conversation with the wizard in the bar.
-Changed around the part where you have to get the MageFist from
the wizard, since some reviews complained about it. Whereas
before you had to make a silly, unnecessary detour at first,
now you can just get the MageFist straight from the wizard,
when the time is right.
-Made Cerberus tougher. He was far too weak.
-Made it so you now need 10 Slayer Claws to get a boat ride
instead of 5. It just seemed a bit too easy before.
-Made Hades a tiny bit harder. Now he's about as tough as
he was during the development of the initial version.
-Edited the oddly yellow tint out of the thunder.
-Edited one of the final boss' attacks, to make it a bit cooler.
-Made The Four Wizards stronger. This boss was a pushover before.
I added two new attacks, more HP and made the previous attacks.
deliver more damage. Now instead of being a cakewalk, it's one
of the strongest bosses instead, as it should be.
-Also edited the cutscene before The Four Wizards boss, so that
it makes a bit more sense now.
-Fixed some typos.
-Added a new spiffy "Silver" logo in the title screen.
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