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Helpin' the Ol' Duck Farmer

May 29th, 2005
Score : 6.3 fair
I would not recommend downloading this dmod. It is quite well made, with no bugs, but too short, easy, and uninnovative.

Style: 7
Some stuff is scripted, and the end is funny. The map is reasonably well-decorated, but exceedingly small (compare to Matoya). Similarly, a large percentage of objects are scripted, but there aren't a lot of objects. Likewise, the characters are good, but there are only two of them, and they don't have to react to many events because almost no events occur. It is much easier to respect this sort of attention to detail in a bigger game.

Really, there just isn't a lot here: simply a short dmod on a small map. More importantly, except for the story, there's nothing really innovative about it. A lot of first dmods ooze creativity. This one, while bugless and well-crafted, seemed pretty old-fashioned. No new graphics, no new spells, etc.

The humor is good.

Gameplay: 4
Too easy and too short. There are very few tasks, and these are neither interesting, hard to find, or challenging to accomplish. The fighting is (IMO) way too easy as well.

Story: 8
I liked the story. The "hero unemployment" thing is gold...

Overall: 6.3 I agree with Carrie in that I'd like to see Vince put out more games, but I wouldn't bother playing this one unless you really don't want a challenge.