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Some of the graphics in GRRRaphics
April 24th, 2004
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Noble Male United Kingdom
There are some very nice graphics in this pack... and a few not so good ones. I'll ignore those that aren't up to much, and concnetrate on the good reasons to get this pack.
For one, the red bonca does look very nice. It may only be a bonca with a new colour of skin, and not a new enemy as such, but it is good enough to warrant it's inclusion.
Other good graphics include a small shrine/grave thing, which looks cool. A very nice "magic" effect (called Enchant) which twinkles away in such a lovely way that you will be shoving them all over your d-mod.
The shadowman seems pretty nice, as do other miscellaneous graphics, such as a hut, and some new status bars/menu screens.

This pack does not have the best graphics seen in Dink, but there is a nice variety (enemies, status screens, Dink with a new double-edged axe, Dink with Dynamite) of good overall quality stuff.
A worthy download.